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BRYC Basketball Winter Season Scholarship Policy

BRYC will accept scholarship payments from Fairfax County for the Recreational and Developmental Leagues in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Scholarship applicants must mail all required Fairfax County paperwork to BRYC by DECEMBER 1st at the address below.
  2. There is a $45 BRYC fee for scholarship applicants. The Fairfax County scholarship doesn't cover the entire registration cost.
  3. Scholarship applicants are responsible for the full registration fee if Fairfax County rejects their application for any reason. 
  4. BRYC Travel players must pay the full BRYC Travel fee. There are no scholarships for BRYC Travel players.

Scholarship Guidelines to assist you when submitting a FC Youth Sport Scholarship Program Application are located at Participation in the reduced lunch program is often a requirement.

The Youth Sports Scholarship application is located

For assistance in processing your forms, please contact your local school guidance counselor

Send completed paperwork to:

BRYC Payments
PO BOX 2084
Fairfax, VA 22031